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Rosario Lebrón, en Concurring Opinions sobre el matrimonio

Con un enorme placer circulo por aquí la columna del buen amigo, colega y contribuyente a este espacio, Aníbal Rosario Lebrón, en el reconocido blog jurídico Concurring Opinions. Se titula “Pro-Marriage Deregulation of Conjugal Unions and Marriage Equality: Two Sides of the Same Coin” y esboza parte de los planteamientos que caracterizan el abordaje de Aníbal sobre la institución del matrimonio. Copio un poco aquí para que le visiten allá!  Felicitaciones a Aníbal!

“Throughout the history of the United States, marriage has been a divisive subject. States have used its regulation to sustain patriarchal, racial, religious and heteronormative compliance. At every proposed change to its structure (from the role/rights of a particular spouse to who is actually eligible to reap the legal privileges of marriage), different constituencies have reacted strongly. For example, let’s think back on the reactions to challenges to anti-miscegenation statutes, reforms to treat women as chattel, and marital rape. Undoubtedly, the controversy has always stemmed from the fixation of our legal system on using marriage as a proxy to grant rights and privileges, and, most importantly, as a mechanism to segregate and stratify citizens.”