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Escasez de Agua y Cambio Climático, conversatorio en la Escuela de Derecho

El próximo jueves, 16 de abril de 2015, al medio día en el Salón de la Facultad, tendremos un BrownBag Lunch con la Dra. Vanessa Casado Pérez, quien hablará sobre el problema de la Escasez de Agua y el Cambio Climático. La Dra. Casado nos describe su presentación en estos términos:

The talk will describe the drivers of water scarcity, including climate change. Then, I will analyze technological, regulatory and market solutions to water scarcity, assessing the substitutability and the complementarity among them. The focus will be on water markets. I will first describe what a water market is and why there is reluctance to adopt them. Next, I will explain how they can contribute to mitigate structural scarcity and the effects of a drought. For water markets to do so, government needs to play certain roles. I will illustrate these roles and how they affect water markets success by looking at the cases of Spain and California, particularly in light of the current drought the Golden State is suffering where emergency measures- probably as a result of interest group capture- may be hijacking the role that markets could play.

Tema Escasez de Agua y Cambio Climático



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